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HSTV dean met with future lawyers

The director of the High School of TV, Valeriy Bakshin, has had a meeting with students of VSUES law school. The concept of the meeting appeared because (as noted by law school professor A.B. Pekarskiy) journalism and law are very closely connected. Therefore a lot was spoken about cooperation of these two spheres.

There also were some words on their confrontations too, as a few of those happened in Valeriy Bakshin’s broad practice. The conclusion of the speech was that lawyers and journalists do not have to quarrel – “we’d better unite”.

Evgeniy Podtergera: “Television is a team sport”

A famous TV-presenter, founder of “Channel 8” (Vladivostok) and a true professional Evgeniy Podtergera met with HSTV students last week.

The guest spoke with future journalists on the topic of television and expressed his on views on their common profession. Evgeniy Sergeevich specializes on news and programmes that bring up hot social topics. He spoke about the people who produce TV-content, presented original views on the TV-news and told the story of how first HD-television was formed in Vladivostok.   

“Channel 8”, which Evgeniy Podtergera has founded and now manages, has achieved substantial success and was among the nominees of Russia’s major television awards. He, of course, has knowledge to share with the students:

-       Don’t forget to express your own opinion, create blogs and remember: television is a team sport.

Advertising and PR at HSTV

In 2014, the High School of Television is opening a new bachelor programme – advertising and public relations.

It is planned that exams needed to apply for the admission would be Russian language, social studies and history, all of which are common for this kind of programmes. The course itself will be practice-oriented with minimized amounts of ‘basic’ disciplines, for students to fit the standards that employers demand nowadays.

Some of the lectures of the programme will be common for both future journalists and media professionals. The students will get knowledge and learn skills from neighbouring study areas.

HSTV on air at PrimaMedia

The director of the HSTV, Valeriy Bakshin, took part in the “Live” TV programme that is aired by the PrimaMedia news agency. For an hour, Valeriy Victorovich answered questions asked by the host and the audience.

The topics were: journalism in the region, special features of the profession and, of course, the High School of Television: its students, courses, creative programmes. Some attention was also paid to the future HSTV direction – Advertising and Mass Media. Its graduates would be able to work at press offices and advertising agencies.

Lea Thompson at HSTV

On 16th and 17th of October, famous American journalist and blogger Lea Thompson read two lectures on journalistic investigations to HSTV students.

 We present you the whole footage of these lectures.


First-year Students Now a Part of the University

The first-year students of VSUES have passed a special ceremony of becoming a part of the university, becoming ‘real’ students. A whole show of humour, music and dance accompanied the event. Everybody had a lot of fun and said the vow to be good and hard-working to keep the honourable image of ‘the VSUES student’ bright and pure.


Professionals welcomed HSTV students

Journalists from VGTRK Vladivostok welcomed first-year HSTV students to the profession. A whole ceremony took place at the TV-centre, where its director Evgeniy Polanskiy and other major company officials advised the students to study hard and invited them to work at the corporation afterwards. Professors of the HSTV also had their word for students.

-       Two main things are interest and wish - concluded the HSTV dean Valeriy Bakshin.

At the end of the ceremony students were presented with T-shirts with a company logo.


The HSTV student Kirill Dyshlovoy – winner of the International Scientific Forum

A team of VSUES students came home from a weeklong trip to Novosibirsk to the International Student Forum: “Youth as a strategic resource of social development”.

Forum was split into two parts: an English language competition and a scientific conference. VSUES students became prizewinners on both, including the first place on the competition taken by the HSTV student. 

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